Director: Will & Jen Robinson



Will came to Corpus Christi 13 years ago to pioneer Chi Alpha at Texas A&M campus. A year later, Jennifer came to join the team and helped him lead small group. They got married and are now parents of three beautiful little girls. For 13 years, they faithfully serve the campus and follow God's will to lead the students to Christ. 


Associate: Chris & Hosanna Hundl



Chris and Hosanna met while leading small groups in Chi Alpha at TAMUCC in 2004. They got married soon after graduating and started a family while Chris taught high school. After 3 years of teaching, they felt God calling them to enter into full time ministry alongside Will and Jen. They have been serving at TAMUCC since 2010. They currently have 5 kids: Jonathan, Nathan, Evelyn, Lucy and Abigail!